Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Working out how many blocks

In maths we had to figure out how 
many block there was in Roberts
pyramid I guested  91.This is a picture of Roberts pyramid and my workings. 
 This is Roberts pyramid.
This is my working outs.

Monday, 9 September 2013

Figure it out

Today in maths we had to figure out how many block's there were in Mrs T pyramid 430 (Mrs T 
master piece.) Here are some of my working outs 
and a picture of Mrs T pyramid.

                                       This is Mrs T's pyramid.     

Then we had to work out how many blocks you would need to create another layer on the bottom. 221.

This is my working out.  

Sunday, 8 September 2013

My picture patterns

Theres are my picture patterns I made this during maths. It took a minute to do. I did nine of them. 
I did lines, faces, mountains, pencils, bananas, houses, hearts, trees and butterflies. 

My number paterns

This is my number pattern. First we had to think of an number then we had to add on ten. Heres mine. I got up to the 700.

Sparkle and Belle's story

This story is about a cat called Sparkle, a dog called Belle and a little girl called Bonnie. 
Bonnie was moving from her house to another house she was really sad because she would miss her friends and their pets. 

Bonnie really wanted a pet. When she moved to her new house her mum said that she could get a pet Bonnie was so excited! She got a Dalmatian. (Dalmatians where Bonnie's favorite animal).When Bonnie moved in she had a next door neighbour who had a kitten called Sparkle.

The girl next-door asked Bonnie if she had seen her kitten but Bonnie hadn't seen her kitten. But.....
suddenly they heard a "meow" "There you are Sparkle" said the girl. 
Sparkle and Belle became bests friends and they all had a wonderful Christmas!           

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Calendar Art

This is my Calender Art. It is based on Aboriginal art. 

It took me three days to complete it. 

I did this picture because I thought it would look nice to buy.