Sunday, 8 September 2013

Sparkle and Belle's story

This story is about a cat called Sparkle, a dog called Belle and a little girl called Bonnie. 
Bonnie was moving from her house to another house she was really sad because she would miss her friends and their pets. 

Bonnie really wanted a pet. When she moved to her new house her mum said that she could get a pet Bonnie was so excited! She got a Dalmatian. (Dalmatians where Bonnie's favorite animal).When Bonnie moved in she had a next door neighbour who had a kitten called Sparkle.

The girl next-door asked Bonnie if she had seen her kitten but Bonnie hadn't seen her kitten. But.....
suddenly they heard a "meow" "There you are Sparkle" said the girl. 
Sparkle and Belle became bests friends and they all had a wonderful Christmas!           

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  1. lexxie cunningham9 September 2013 at 16:47

    Great work Paris. I like the preview of your book.

    What may you do to improve your work?