Monday, 26 August 2013

Paris,s box

At maths we looked at some boxes.This is my box. My box is a rectangle prism it has 6 faces and 12 edges. We had to make sure that the tabs where big enough so that they could reach to the other side. The tabs should be more then one meter long. We used a ruler,peace of paper,pencil and some scissors.To make a net we had to do small big small big rectangles.     


  1. Well done paris,I like who you described your box so clearly.
    What might you add to improve it next time?

  2. Well done Paris this is fantastic. I really like the way you have designed your net.
    You have done well to explain your box.
    Miss Hamilton.

  3. well done Paris,

    I love your fantastic describing rectangle.
    How long was the measurement of your rectangle.

  4. What boxs did you look at?

  5. Well done Paris,I like the way how you put that Musslie bar.
    What will you do next time

  6. Well done Paris I liked how you put a bar in your box.
    What was your mesurement of your box?